Case Study: Engagement Management

Service Client on the Mechanism of Metal Cogwheels.

In medium to large organisations which are in the business of providing IT services to clients (be infrastructure, integration, management consulting or bespoke development services), one of the key activities during the pre-sales is to provide quote for the services to be delivered.

Sales or customer engagement team often reach out to the technical resources in order for them to estimate the cost and effort for provisioning of such services. The sales team then add a margin to the figures and prepare the quote for the client. Oftentimes the quote needs to be revised due to client changing the scope of work. The process above needs to be followed again (sales ask technical to provide estimate, technical do the estimate and send to sales, sales add margin and create a new quote).

Aside from inefficiencies caused by the process above, the business as a whole is in need to standardise estimates and quotes to avoid inherent issues with quoting different figures to different clients for the same services, or providing inconsistent quotes to the same client each time they ask for similar services. Despite honest effort to avoid these issues, a lot of service providers have suffered from losing credibility and trust simply because of inefficiencies and lack and process standardisation across the board.

In an attempt to address these issues ArciFrame equips service providers with collaboration capabilities as well as templates and standards so that different teams in the organisation can collaborate with each other in an efficient way to collectively estimate and quote the client. Templates are reused, and historical assumptions and estimates are stored in the system to avoid discrepancies between previous and future quotes.

See ArciFrame to learn more.

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