IT Project Management

Using ArciFrame, team members across the organisation can collaborate with each other during the life-cycle of the projects. Business Engagement or Presales team can define a temporary project and capture client’s high level requirements. 

The Implementation team can then capture the high level tasks and ArciFrame will take care of project effort and resource estimation, so the Business Engagement team can see the result and create a quote for the client based on the estimate generated by the tool.

ArciFrame is an IT cost estimating software and will streamline the collaboration between the teams and departments when it it comes to the effort, time and money required for a particular job.

It also forms a standardised and reliable effort estimation process across the organisation.

Why use a project forecasting and cost estimation tool?

One of the most common mistakes teams can make is misjudging when it comes to project forecasting. For successful IT project management, cost estimation plays a key role not only in ensuring you have the capabilities to complete the job but also in securing clients. By having an accurate resource estimation in place, you are able to provide competitive prices to clients without underselling yourself.

Taking care of cost management in your IT project, ArciFrame provides an estimation tool that is based on industry standards and best practices. ArciFrame is a project cost estimation software that allows you to utilise system built-in templates and assumptions which can be used as guidelines. You may customise these templates and even define your own set of templates.

The capabilities provided by this engagement management system will enable your project team to generate forecasting reports that will determine the trajectory of your project in order to adjust your project plan accordingly.

How our estimating software will improve your business

In the uncertain world of IT project management, it’s extremely difficult not to miss some tasks necessary for successful delivery of the project. ArciFrame provides effort and cost estimation and will highlight any issues that you may not be aware of or you’ve missed in your plan. It is a clever tool that will display an accurate approximation of what is required to get the job done. This will determine how long tasks will take to complete and how to proceed from there.

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